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Khind Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC9691 is a cordless vacuum cleaners that successfully gain full heart from Malaysians, as it is become the most popular vacuum cleaners from Khind.

No wonder, this VC9691 is not only affordable in price but also comes with rich features.

Khind Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC9691 is a cordless vacuum cleaner but also has an adaptor for charging purpose. It uses Detachable Lithium Battery that can need to be charged around 4-5 hours.  It needs 100W of power consumption from battery and can operate up to 42minutes with low speed mode.

To be detail, this model has Operating Time: High Speed: 20 minutes, Medium Speed : 30 minutes, Low Speed : 42 minutes.

This VC9691 is really powerful for hard work like cleaning the carpet and hard floor. VC9691 has longer tube than other model thus it can reach higher place easier, around 1182mm. The longer length is within 6-5cm longer.

It is the only model that has 3 speed (Low, Medium & High), recommended medium speed for general cleaning. While VC9679 has lighter weight on vacuum head and lithium battery that has longer lifespan.

The main features you should know is the nozzle’s rotation degree, a feature that enable this item to  it can be rotated 180° nozzle rotation and 90° nozzle rotation. The Khind Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC9691 uses two filtration item : HEPA and metal filter. And both of these filters are washable using warm water.

Just make sure to dry the HEPA filter before reassembling the item. Also, never rinse it will a rolling brush in water.

With those amazing features, the price of  Khind Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC9691 is only RM269.00, as the suggested price malaysia from Khind Official Store at Shopee Malaysia.

You can even get cheaper price when Khind has special promotions like Khind Super Brand Sale or Year End Sale. But if you are really need this vacuum cleaner and do not want to wait the special promotions, you can use vouchers from Khind Official Store with up to 5% OFF to buy this item.

Khind Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC9691 price malaysia



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