PerySmith 4.2L 3D Air Fryer Ecohealth II Series PS1530


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Perysmith Air Fryer PS1530 Overview

The Perysmith Air Fryer PS1530 is an analog air fryer with 4.2L of capacity. The pan uses food grade coating inner food pan that can be removed for fast and easier cleaning. The pan basket also dishwasher safe.

The heating element is made from Stainless Steel, to ensure no harmful chemicals are produced during cooking.

Perysmith Air Fryer PS1530 Features and Benefit

Many features from this Perysmith Air Fryer PS2530, they are :

  • Adjustable thermostat temperatures, for giving you option of wide range of cooking food.
  • 60 Minutes Timer, allow you to set the duration of your cooking. It is equipped with automatic shut Off feature to prevent overcooking.
  • Smart Overheat Protection. You will not have to worry of things like overheated, as this air fryer uses smart Overheat Protection to turn off the machine automatically when overheated.

Power Consumption and Cooking Technology of Perysmith Air Fryer PS1530

The Perysmith Analog Air Fryer PS1530 needs 1500W of power consumption. The high power gives you opportunity to cook less time. It is supported by the cooking technology named 9 Blades 3d Airflow Heating System, that generates fast heating and energy saving.

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  • Less oil for cooking
  • Wide range options of cooking with up to 200 temperature control.
  • No baking odor & smell of oil
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

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  • Need high power
  • No touch screen
  • No display panel
  • No preset function
  • No childlock function



Perysmith Air Fryer PS1530 Preview

Perysmith Air Fryer PS1530 Price Malaysia

Additional information



Function Type

Analog Air Fryer




322 x 322 x 350mm

Auto Power Off



60 minutes

Smart Overheat Protection


Temperature Control

0C ~ 200C, Yes

Cooking Technology

9 Blades 3D Airflow Heating System

Power Consumption


Internal Coating

Food Grade Coating


2 years

Warranty Type

Supplier Warranty

Retail Price

RM 164