PerySmith Electric Cordless Floor Cleaner CleanPro Series M5


SKU: 172


  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING EFFICIENT OUTCOME: Introducing the all-new Electric Cordless Floor Cleaner to removes spillages & dust in a single wipe, powered by a new generation CleanPro Multi-Tank technology with Ultra-Microfiber Roller that effortlessly 50% cleaner than traditional cleaning.
  • INTELLIGENT ONE CLICK SELF-CLEANING: Equipped with a developed CleanPro cleaning dock that automatically cleans the roller with one click and doubles as a charging station.
  • DURABLE TENPOWER™ LI-ION BATTERY: Powered by a 2,600mah lithium-ion battery with POWER CARE technology for optimal cleaning performance up to 25mins.
  • CLEANPRO SEPARATION SYSTEM: CleanPro tank system keeps the cleaning solution and dirty water separate. Simplifying your cleaning routine and refreshing floors is now easier than ever.
  • CONVENIENT CLEANING: The lightweight cordless design offers maximum freedom of movement with less effort for Sweeping, Mopping & Wipe dry hard floors such as linoleum, enameled tiles, and varnished.
  • ULTRA-MICROFIBER ROLLER: Ultra-microfiber roller with a high speed of 600 RPM assures roller fully connected to the floor deeply erasing stains and cleaning efficiently without leaving marks with low residual moisture.
  • Product Size: 752 x 350 x 210 (mm), Weight: 2.5kg, Power: 40W
  • Speed: 600RPM, Noise: 65dB, Clean water tank: 400ml, Dirty water tank: 250ml
  • Battery: LITHIUM-ION, Battery Capacity: 2,600mAh, Charging time: 2-3 hours, Operation time: 25-35 mins