PerySmith Electric Cordless Floor Cleaner CleanPro Series M6


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Perysmith CleanPro Series M6 is an electric cordless vacuum cleaner that becomes one of popular Perysmith Vacuum Cleaners. Comes with cleaning dock and rechargeable battery. This cordless vacuum cleaners has features that will help you clean your home effortlessly. This vacuum cleaner can removes spillages and dust in a single wipe. Thanks to the new generation CleanPro Multi-Tank technology with Ultra-Microfiber Roller to make your home cleaner with 50% effortlessly than traditional cleaning.

The Perysmith CleanPro Series M6 also featured with ultra-microfiber roller, with a high speed of 600 RPM assures roller fully connected to the floor deeply erasing stains and cleaning efficiently without leaving marks with low residual moisture.

The Cleanpro Series M6 uses intelligent one-click self-cleaning that automatically cleans the roller with one click and doubles as a charging station.
It needs only 40W of power consumption comes from a 2,600mah lithium-ion battery with POWER CARE technology for optimal cleaning performance up to 25mins, quite enough for cleaning whole room.

The weight of this vacuum cleaner only 2.5kg, make it called as a lightweight vacuum cleaner thus will make you more convenient in cleaning .

All and all, Perysmith CleanPro Series M6 helps you cleaning home effortless with features CleanPro Multi-Tank technology,  ultra-microfiber roller, and rechargeable battery.

Not only because of the features itself that make this vacuum so popular. The price also will make you surprise. You only need RM497.00 to have this item with 2 years warranty if you buy from Perysmith Official Store Shopee Malaysia


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