Russell Taylors Oven Toaster OT-43


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Discover the Magic of the Oven Toaster: The Ultimate Kitchen Appliance for Quick and Delicious Meals, please introduce : Russell Taylors Oven Toaster OT-43.

Russell Taylors has vary models of Oven Toaster, one of them is the  OT-43 series. Russell Taylors Oven Toaster OT-43 model comes with 43L in capacity, which needs 2000W of power consumption.

This oven toaster offers you not only oven advantages but also toaster as well.  Their smaller size allows them to heat up more quickly, taking as little as five minutes to preheat compared to as long as 15 minutes for a conventional oven.

Russell Taylors Oven Toaster OT-43 comes with modern features like adjustable racks which allow you to move food closer or further away from the heating elements. Racks that slide out help ensure you won’t burn your hands when removing food from the oven. A removable crumb tray makes clean-up easier.

Russell Taylors Oven Toaster (43L) OT-43 hasprice only RM 229.99 with up to 2 years limited warranty from Russell Taylors. Also, when you buy this item at Russell Taylors Official Store at Shopee, you will have a chance to get up to 10% coin cashback.


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Additional information


Russell Taylors

Function Type

Oven Toaster

Power Consumption



60 minutes, Yes

Temperature Control

0C – 230C, Yes


28cm x 44cm x 35cm

Size Of Rack

25cm x 29cm