Toshiba AW-DG1500WM(KK) Top Load Washing Machine 14kg


SKU: 403


a Toshiba Top Load Washer that use S-DD Inverter

The Toshiba AW-DG1500 is a Toshiba's Top Load washing machine that featured with S-DD inverter. The S-DD Inverter is the main feature on this washing machine. This is the next generation of Direct Drive Motor which uses the new magnet named Neodymium. This technology is more powerful that previous inverter motor. It also delivers more efficient energy with minimal noise and long-lasting performance with outstanding durability. All and all, this S-DD inverter works in a low noise with powerful performance, fast spin or rotation, but using less energy. Not only that, this S-DD inverter technology also reduces the size of washing machine, resulting the thind and lightweight washing machine design

Duo-active Roller

All of us hate clothes that tangling inside the washing machine during laundry. The Toshiba AW-DG1500 uses the Duo-Active Roller that prevent clothes from tangling by enhancing the water flow. The DUO Active Roller technology works like handwash, by doing the same scrubbing effect of handwash without any of the hassle. This technology is designed to remove dirt and stain without make clothes tangling

One Touch Button 

A newly design from Toshiba is a One Touch Button features, that help you choosing washing options with more convenient and easier.