Toshiba AW-DG1600WM(SK) 15KG Washing Machine


SKU: 401


Toshiba AW-DG1600WM(SK), a large capacity with quick wash and quiet operation features.
The Toshiba AW-DG1600WM(SK) is a top load washing machine that similar to Toshiba AW-DG1500WM Washing Machine, especially in term of features. The main different of those washing machine is in the washing capacity. The DG1500WM comes with 14kg, while the AW-DG1600WM is up to 15kg of washing capacity. 

Like the AW-DG1500WM model, the DG1600 series also has rich features which make this washing machine has powerful performance, with quiet noise and outstanding durability.

Say feature like S-DD Inverter, the main feature on this washing machine. The Inverter enable the washing to have a more powerful performance with quiet noise with less energy consumption. Besides, it has thin size vand lightweight