Toshiba AW-DUK1150HM(MG) Top Load Washing Machine 10.5KG


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The Toshiba AW-DUK1150HM(MG) is a washing machine that will make everyone happy because of its amazing feature, especially iClean. Would like to know more? Here it is.

The Toshiba AW-DUK1150HM(MG) is large washing machine with 10.5kg of washing capacity and it is a top load type. This washing machine comes with some features like Great Waves,  Direct Drive Motor, Ultra Fine Bubble and not to forget mention : iClean feature.

Better Cleaning Performance yet Protecting your clothes with GreatWaves feature

The GreatWave Inverter feature is inspired by the famous painting 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'. The technology of this Greatwave  makes the washing machine resulting a better cleaning performance as well as protecting your laundry.

Need super clean clothes? Thanks to the Ultra Fine Bubbles

Nano-sized bubbles penetrate into fabric fibers to remove the deepest stains, bacteria and residues, thus to achieve the best deep cleaning