Toshiba AW-F820SM(WB) Top Load Washing Machine


SKU: 293


Keep your clothes clean with top load washing machine from Toshiba that comes with 7.2kg capacity, the Toshiba AW-F820SM(WB) Top Load Washing Machine. This model comes with 3 amazing features : Zero Standby Power,circular air intake and Hydro Power Wash.

Do you know that during standby mode, the washing machine still needs electricity. The more you need standby mode, the more you run electricity. This happen at the conventional washing machine. 
Not like the conventional washing machine, the Toshiba AW-F820SM(WB) is featured with Zero Standby Power. This feature enable machine not use electricity during standby mode. This really will save up to 20% of power consumption.
Another feature at Toshiba AW-F820SM is Circular air intake, enabling more air flow to inside the tub. This feature will lead to maximum drying effeciency during spin-drying. In result, your clothes need shorter time to dry. Sound make you happy, right?

Not only circular air intake and Zero Standby Power, the Toshiba AW-F820SM also comes with Hydro Power Wash. This washing machine has 2 water jets outlets generate big water circulation & dissolves detergent water evenly into the fabric.


Pros :

– Need less time to dry clothes
– Save more energy during stand by mode
– Enough capacity, up to 7.2kg which is not quite big or too small.
– Affordable price with rich features