Toshiba VH-H85MM 7.5KG Semi Auto Washing Machine



Toshiba VH-H85MM washing machine is a semi auto washing machine with up to 7.5 capacity. For the semi auto model, it can be said that it has rich features, like GoldenSoak Period, CycloneSpin, Double Water Inlets for Wash & Spin and Preset Program Options.
The GoldenSoak Period means that soaking time can be selected according to the pollution level of fabrics to enhance the washing effects.
The CycloneSpin enable the machine to spin up to 1280 rpm that effectively help to take water away from fabrics. The Toshiba VH-H85MM washing machine uses Double Water Inlets for Wash & Spin that activate the shower rinse to save water. This model also comes with preset program options for different types of clothes, which you can choose : Heavy, Normal or Drain.